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5 Ways Facebook is a Lot like Preschool

Remember when you first joined Facebook or TikTok? And how you were trying to increase your connection through different means. For TikTok users, the easy option was to Buy real TikTok Fans. Just a few days ago, you hadn’t talked to your old biology lab partner and college dorm mate for years. Next thing you know, you’re sharing advice on planting gardenia bushes and discussing your plans for the weekend. Facebook, and other social networking sites, offer many benefits. But, at the same time, there are drawbacks as well. While the cons outweigh the pros (for the most part), Facebook can be a lot like preschool. Here are five ways that Facebook is similar to preschool.

How Facebook is Like Preschool #1: You can discuss gross stuff.

Do you recall in preschool, how someone could recount in detail how their little brother threw up, and no one seemed to get grossed out? Well, that’s how it is on Facebook, sort of. People can share in their Facebook statuses how their baby had an explosive diaper and/or the color of their poop and get some positive feedback about it. Let’s not forget you’ll find an occasional Facebook status about premenstrual cramps and runny noses.

While at other times in your life, its taboo to discuss issues like bodily fluids, you can discuss these both in preschool and on Facebook, and it’s (for the most part) accepted.

How Facebook is Like Preschool #2: You can brag all you want.

Remember in preschool where you could take your brand new toy to show and tell? You could brag all you want and got the support you needed. The same goes for Facebook. You can brag about building a house, going on a luxury vacation, and buying a brand new SUV and get lots of raves about it. While it might be considered inappropriate to brag about it at other places, say school and work, you’re pretty much welcome to do it on Facebook.

The difference is that on Facebook, people might try to be less blunt about it. For example, in preschool, it’s normal a child to say “Look, I got a new toy!”, we’re on Facebook, a member might say something like “Anyone has recommendations for what to pack on a European Cruise” In other words, on Facebook, you might form your bragging in the form of a question, or indirect comment turned into a complaint. (This might be something like, “They can’t build on our new home today because of the rain….grrrr..” )

How Facebook is Like Preschool #3: People get their feelings hurt sometimes.

In preschool, it was common for kids to get their feelings hurt because they didn’t get invited to a birthday party, or because of some cut in front of the line. The same happens on Facebook. People will see photos of someone else’s birthday party and get hurt because they weren’t invited. Or, they might request to be friends with a long lost college buddy and get hurt because she didn’t want to be friends with her again. Po

How Facebook is Like Preschool #4: The popular ones get all the friends and attention.

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, though it might be a little better in preschool. On Facebook, the popular ones are the ones who get the most comments on their Facebook status updates and have the most friends. Whereas, someone who is a little quieter might announce that her husband was starting chemotherapy and no one bothers to comment, even though she has 200+ “friends” on Facebook.

How Facebook is Like Preschool #5: You play games.

In preschool, kids enjoy games such as parachute games, tug-of-war, duck duck goose, etc. On Facebook, you can play games such as Farmville, Sorority life, and others. While some might argue games waste time, these games do add some value to the player’s lives.

These are just five ways that Facebook a lot like preschool. While Facebook is a wonderful site, there are many downsides as well. If you’re wondering why someone might deactivate their Facebook account, read “Reasons to Deactivate Facebook: Why People Get Off Facebook.” Happy Facebooking!

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