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4 Tips To Buy The Right Wi-Fi Booster

Are you looking forward to invest in a Wi-Fi booster lately? It could be that you have set up a small office at home and now you need a stronger Wi-Fi connection. These boosters increase the overall strength of an existing broadband signal so that you get a broader coverage area and better speed. Now, the market around is flooded with a plethora of Wi-Fi boosters but then not all would be equally suitable for you. But don’t worry, the post below offers a brief on how to land up with a premium Wi-Fi booster.

Go for comparative study

Don’t just settle with the first Wi-Fi booster you come across online. The rule of the thumb is to make a shortlist of at least 4-5 boosters and take a comparative study on them. You will find several Wi-Fi booster guides online with detailed reviews on each of them. Check their pros and cons as well as customer testimonials. The one you choose should be a top-rated product, backed by rave reviews from both experts and users.

Decide on the booster band

You will find the boosters in single-band, dual-band and tri-band options. The single-band options only support 2.4 Ghz for data transmission. If you want the most economical one go for single-band option. But they can’t provide a wider broadband coverage. The dual-band boosters are compatible with 2.4Ghz as well as 5Ghz frequencies and provide a broader coverage for data transmission. If you want a strong booster in medium budget-range, look for dual-band boosters. However, if you need the most advanced solution and don’t mind a slightly higher price range- settle for tri-band boosters. These state-of-the-art boosters carry 2 5 Ghz bands as well as 1 2.4Ghz band.

Compatibility with Wi-Fi routers

No matter how great your Wi-Fi booster is, it would be of no use to you if it doesn’t support your Wi-Fi router. It’s extremely important to check beforehand the router compatibility quotient of a booster before you invest in it. A good idea would be to invest in a quality booster which is compatible with almost all kinds of routers. This way, even if you change the existing router in future, you won’t have to get a new booster all over again. A good example here is Super Boost Wi-Fi Booster. As per superboostwifi review, the booster device supports all kinds of broadband routers.

Check the speed support

This is another important tip to consider while you are planning to buy a quality Wi-Fi booster.

As per the experts, it’s better to invest in a booster which can support the most advanced 802.11ac speed standard. The 802.11ac speed standard extends 2.8x faster wireless speed compared to wireless N. If you need the booster for your office, you have to find a booster which is compatible with 802.11ac speed standard.

So, take your time and exercise your due diligence to conduct a thorough research on boosters before you finally buy a one. Keep the pointers mentioned above and also make sure the booster device is easy to install and operate.


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